How can I dynamically change element's width related with parent width using only CSS? [closed]

Tags: javascript,jquery,html,css3

Problem :

I'm trying to make dynamically changed layer according to it's parent element's width using only CSS. In specific, let's suppose that a parent element called element A and childs are label a, label b, ..

If element A width is in 500px<=x px<1000px, then set label ?'s width equal to 200px.

If element A width is in 250px<=x px<500px , then set label ?'s width equal to 125px.


How can I do this? If it's not possible with only CSS, then what do I need?

Sorry about terrible english anyway;;

Solution :

I don't think you can do it in css alone. But you can use jQuery. A simple if condition would suffice.

var width = $('selector').width();
if (width > 500 && width < 1000) {
    $('label').css('width', '200px');

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