PHP: How to add a CSS text-align property to an already present inline style attribute of an element using simple_html_dom parser?

Tags: javascript,php,html,css,simple-html-dom

Problem :

I have a string variable $str which contains HTML for a part of a page. I need to add the CSS property text-align:justify to all the <p> elements in the HTML (preferably using simple_html_dom parser).

Some of the <p> elements already have an inline style attribute, others don't. So I can not do something like

$str_html = str_get_html($str);
foreach ($str->find('p') as $p) {

Because this will void any other styles already applied to the <p> element.

PS:- I can not use JQuery. I can use JS but will only use it as a last resort.

Solution :

You could concatenate instead of re-assigning

$str_html = str_get_html($str);
foreach ($str->find('p') as $p) {
  $p->style .= '; text-align:justify;';

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