How to make divs float on both ends of another div?

Tags: html,css

Problem :

I have tried this so far,

I am trying to place 2 divs in the left and right ends of another div, I tried using float:left and float:right but they are showing up in new Lines

I want something like this,

[[leftcap]................. TITLE ............... [rightcap]]

I'm really sorry I can't represent better than this.


<div id="shell">
    <div id="title">
        <div id='leftcap'>o</div>
        TITLE HERE
        <div id='rightcap'>x</div>
    <div id="content">Content</div>


 #shell {

#title {

UPDATE: Using float property solved the problem, I have another question, how to vertically center align the text in a container div ?

Solution :

What you need is CSS's float property which kind of forces an element to be aligned either left or right.

Updated fiddle:

Hope this helped. :)

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