How to convert a JSON object (created by jquery-css-parser) back to valid CSS code? [closed]

Tags: javascript,jquery,css,json,parsing

Problem :

We are currently using the following jQuery plugin on our project to parse CSS to a JSON object.

We now require to parse back the JSON object to CSS ("as a string") as well.

I couldn't find a way to parse back from a JSON object to CSS using this plugin. It parses the CSS to JSON great, and the structure it uses is just what we need, but we also need a way to parse back the JSON object to CSS.

Is there any possible solution that can parse back the JSON object that this plugin generates back to CSS ?

Example JSON object to deserialize:

  'div div:first' : {
    'font-weight' : 'bold',
    'color': 'rgba(255,255,255,0.5)'
  'div > span' : {
    'color': 'red'

Further info: I may be missing a feature of this plugin that does just that, but I did look quite closely at the docs.

I also came across this plugin that parses to JSON and back, but the JSON format is wayyy too off from the one we are currently using.

Solution :

Try this:

var cssString = "";

// cssJSON would be the JavaScript object representing your CSS.
for (var objKey in cssJSON) {

    // objKey is the name of the key in the JavaScript object.
    // In this case, it's also the CSS selector.
    cssString += objKey + " {";

    var cssProperties = cssJSON[objKey];
    for (var cssPropertyName in cssProperties) {
        cssString += cssPropertyName + ": " + cssProperties[cssPropertyName] + ";";

    cssString += "}";

Be advised: I have not tested this code, so please use at your own risk. There may be some edge cases that this doesn't account for.

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