How to copy (or reflect instantly) CSS edited on Inspected elements on the browser to the actual css file?

Tags: html,css

Problem :

For example I want to change the appearance of a certain section on a web page that I'm developing, I often do this:

Inspect elements using firebug, edit the css, remember it and change it right back to my text editor which is sublime text 2. But sometimes, I change a lot and tend to forget about those changes. I tried to copy and paste the css from the browser itself after I change it, but it often copy a different version of the css.

So my question is, is there any other way that can possibly reflect the changes back to my editor as I change them on firebug? Are there any firebug addons or maybe sublime text addon which I can use to do this?

What is the most productive ways in doing this?

Solution :

Solved: Use firebug addon cssupdater to save css edits in firebug.

There is a firefox addon for saving css changes in firebug (cssupdater). You edit your css in firebug then click Sync Now button to sync the changes to your local css file.

You will need to install addon and a desktop app, read details on their page.


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