PHP: How to style session output [closed]

Tags: php,css,session,styles

Problem :

I have this PHP code:

if (!empty($_SESSION['username'])) {
    Welcome, <?= $_SESSION['username'] ?>
    <a href='mcLogout.php'>Logout</a>
} else {
    <p class="da">Don't have an account?</p>
    <p><a class="lr" href='registrationpage.php'>Register Here</a></p>

The code is display the username of the user who is in the session (logged) and a link to log out. I wish to know how can I give a style to the username using CSS i.e:

"Welcome, <?=$_SESSION['username']?>"

This part of the code.

Solution :

what ever comes between wihle echoing are just like any other HTML element.

<h1>" Welcome, " <?= $_SESSION['username'] ?></h1>


Welcome, <h1 class="username"><?= $_SESSION['username'] ?></h1>

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