How to convert an element css to JSON? [duplicate]

Tags: javascript,jquery,html,css,json

Problem :

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I let my users to change any attribute(location, color, and ...) of every element in a page before printing.

I'm looking for a way which user can store the new style sheet and restore it anytime later?

I've tried to parse, but it doesn't return an array! Also $(element).css() doesn't work without any argument!

Solution :

If you are okay with using a plugin for your task, try this plugin :


Example: CSS:

body {background: #eee;color: #888;}


    "type": "stylesheet",
        "stylesheet": {
        "rules": [{
            "type": "rule",
                "selectors": [
                "declarations": [{
                "type": "declaration",
                    "property": "background",
                    "value": "#eee"
            }, {
                "type": "declaration",
                    "property": "color",
                    "value": "#888"

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