How do I prevent it from newlining in html?

Tags: html,css,inline

Problem :

I have the following code in html, which creates this:

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<input type="checkbox" id="cb5" class="listDropDown" onchange="selectPopulationChanged()" display="inline" value="complex ab. karyotype">
<label for="cb5" class="listDropDown" display="inline">complex ab. karyotype</label>

Int his example, because of the spaces in "complex ab. karyotype", it decides to move all the text from the label tag below the checkmark.

How can I prevent it from doing so. My pop-up on the picture consists of code I posted, which is used several times to create a list. The only different between this particular element compared with the others (except for the length) is the spaces. I have tested by including an elemtn that is very long without spaces, and it doesn't throw it on a new line.

Any help is greatly appreciated!

EDIT - ADDED the following


<div class="dropdown" style="display:inline">
    <button data-toggle="dropdown" class="btn btn-success" type="button" id="pops" >Select Populations</button>
    <ul id="popupDropDown" class="dropdown-menu" role="menu" aria-labelledby="dLabel">


.dropdown-menu:before {
  position: absolute;
  top: -7px;
  left: 9px;
  display: inline-block;
  border-right: 7px solid transparent;
  border-bottom: 7px solid #ccc;
  border-left: 7px solid transparent;
  border-bottom-color: rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.2);
  content: '';

.dropdown-menu:after {
  position: absolute;
  top: -6px;
  left: 10px;
  display: inline-block;
  border-right: 6px solid transparent;
  border-bottom: 6px solid #ffffff;
  border-left: 6px solid transparent;
  content: '';


function addCheckboxes() {
    for(i=0; i<arrayValues.length; i++)
        var container = $('#popupDropDown');
        var inputs = container.find('input');
        var id = inputs.length+1;
        $('<input />', { type: 'checkbox', 'id': 'cb'+id, 'class': 'listDropDown', 'onChange': 'selectPopulationChanged()', 'display':'inline', value: arrayValues[i] }).appendTo(container);
        $('<label />', { 'for': 'cb'+id, 'class': 'listDropDown', 'display':'inline', text: arrayValues[i] }).appendTo(container);
        $('#cb'+id).prop('checked', true);

Solution :

Try this code in your for loop (replace all existing contents of said loop):

var container = document.getElementById('popupDropDown');
var label = document.createElement('label');
label.className = "listDropDown";

var input = document.createElement('input');
input.type = "checkbox";
input.className = "listDropDown";
input.onchange = selectPopulationChanged;
input.value = arrayValues[i];



This will put the checkbox inside the <label>, as I mentioned in my comment, and with that done you should be able to use white-space:nowrap on your label elements to prevent the line wrapping. Also, add display:block to the labels to avoid the need for <br /> tags.

Vanilla JS may take more writing, but personally I find this much easier to read than your very large jQuery generation stuff.

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