How to put all of the images from folder into CSS box

Tags: javascript,php,jquery,css,ajax

Problem :

I have a problem to load all images from a folder and display all of them in one CSS box (in html).

I want to make all the images like a video or gif maybe.

So each image will appear alternately until the last image is displayed.

Here is my php code :



$img_dir = "image/";
$images = scandir($img_dir);
$html = '';
$html .='<ul>';

foreach($images as $img) { 
    if($img === '.' || $img === '..') {continue;}         

    if (  (preg_match('/.jpg/',$img))  ||  (preg_match('/.gif/',$img)) || (preg_match('/.tiff/',$img)) || (preg_match('/.png/',$img)) ){                

        $html .='<li><img src="'.$img_dir.$img.'" ></li>' ; 
    } else { continue; }    

    $html .='</ul>' ; 

    echo $html ;


Here is my jquery code:


jQuery('document').ready(function() {
     url: "camera.php", 
    type: "POST",          
    dataType: "HTML", 
        success: function( data ) { 
        error: function(jqXHR, data ) {        
    alert ('Ajax request Failed.');    

Here is my CSS box :

  width:800px; /* Set your image width */
  height:500px; /* Set your image height */

I can make all of the images appear , but I don't know how to display all of them in the CSS box and make all of them like a video.

I have 200 photos anyway.

Thanks for your help.

Solution :

For camera.php, you need to return the data in a format in which your ajax call can read it properly. Assuming that the call to images is returning correctly, you could do the following:


$img_dir = "image/";
$images = scandir($img_dir);

$pictures = array();
foreach($images as $img) { 
    // Not sure how these are returning, so I'm making a guess after looking at your code
    $picture = array(
        "img" => $img_dir.$img
    $pictures[] = $picture;

echo json_encode($pictures);

For the jQuery, you need to specify your dataType as json for it to return correctly. You also need to append the desired html and data to the body on a success return, and then call a function for the animation when that is done.


jQuery('document').ready(function() {

    var i = 0;

    var request = $.ajax({            
        url: "camera.php", 
        type: "POST", 
        dataType: "json",
        success: function(pictures){
            var html = '<ul'>;
            $.each(pictures, function(idx, picture){
                html += '<li><img src="'+picture.img+'"></li>'
            html += '</ul>';


    function loopThruImg() {
        var li = $('li');
            opacity: 1
        }, 100, function () {
                opacity: 0
            }, 100, function () {
                i = i < (li.length - 1) ? i+1 : 0;

Some helpful CSS

   ul {
        position: relative;
    li {

JSFiddle for the animation

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