How to keep div height fixed during changing its content?

Tags: jquery,html,css

Problem :

<div id='wrapT'>some stuff here</div>
<div id='btnsT'>
<img id='prev' src='btns/prev_01.png' alt='prev'>
<img id='next' src='btns/next_01.png' alt='next'>


    $('#btnsT #next').click(function(){
    var a = $('#divsT > div').eq(xdiv).html();

#wrapT changes its content correctly, but it firstly changes its height to 0 for a few seconds, then come back to original height.

How to keep the height fixed during this process?

IMPORTANT: both the old and the new content is 450px in height.

I tried in css:


But in this case there is a problem during re-sizing the window - it stays always 450px.

also tried to add in btn click event:

var x = $('#wrapT').height();
$('#wrapT').css('height', x + 'px');
$("#wrapT").css('height', 'auto');

witout success. #wrapT keeps to change its height.

Solution :

I have done something similar before. What you can do is load the next item behind the current one with visibility:hidden; and possibly a lesser z-index. This means the shape of wrapT will stay.

You can then do something like:

$('#OldItem').fadeOut(400, function() {

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