Mapbox GeoJSON loaded via local URL: icons not showing popup properties

Tags: javascript,css,geojson,mapbox

Problem :

In my web site, I am using a Mapbox map to load icons from a URL procured like so:

/* myMapbox.js */
map ="map", "somemap.hhlj93e3").setView([47.60,-122.33], 13);

   allMyIcons = L.mapbox.featureLayer ().loadURL ("/updatedIcons");
   allMyIcons.addTo (map);

The icons loaded via /updatedIcons do show up, but they were not clickable. I solved the clickability problem using this SO post. However, the properties for each feature (icon) retrieved via the /updatedIcons call still do not show up as a popup when I click the icons (nothing happens when I click the icons). Note that the icons created at the Mapbox site for somemap user do show up on the map, and they are clickable, and a popup happily shows up for them on the same map.

Here's a sample of my GeoJSON loaded via /updatedIcons:

"type": "Feature",
"geometry": { "type": "Point", "coordinates": [-77.03, 38.90]},
"properties": {
    "image":   "",
    "url": ",_D.C.",
    "marker-symbol": "star",
    "city": "Washington, D.C."
}, {
"type": "Feature",
"geometry": { "type": "Point", "coordinates": [-87.63, 41.88]},
"properties": {
    "image": "",
    "url": "",
    "city": "Chicago"
}, {
"type": "Feature",
"geometry": { "type": "Point", "coordinates": [-74.00, 40.71]},
"properties": {
    "image": "",
    "url": "",
    "city": "New York City"

What am I missing here? Just to be clear, the icons appear, but they weren't clickable until I added the CSS improvements mentioned in the linked SO post, and now, I can click the icons, but nothing happens (the properties don't show up in a popup). I understand the GeoJSON example above is a FeatureCollection, and I included the above in a

{ "type": "FeatureCollection",
  "features": <content from above GeoJSON here>

but that hasn't changed the behavior. Is this a layering issue? If so, how to merge all the layers in my map? I will have the base map loaded from Mapbox, a marker created by user which I want to render using

       marker = L.marker ([lat, lng],
                  icon: L.divIcon ({
                  iconSize: [10, 10]

and the icons loaded from /updatedIcons above, all of which I want to be clickable.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

Solution :

L.mapbox.featureLayer inherits from L.mapbox.featureGroup.

And to add (or bind) a popup to a featureGroup you'll want something like this

allMyIcons = L.mapbox.featureLayer().loadURL("/updatedIcons");

If you would rather each marker/icon to have its own unique popup, you can loop through them like this, adding the unique popup as you iterate

allMyIcons.eachLayer(function (layer) {
layer.bindPopup('Howdy: ' + count);
    count += 1;

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