How do I make text text when you hover the mouse over it?

Tags: javascript,html,css

Problem :

So, my friend asked me to make him a website for his YouTube channel. He wanted to have 4 links to other pages. These pages are: Home, About Me, Merchandise, and Contact (Just so he can have like, duo sessions or like guests and stuff). So here's what he said: "I want it so that when someone points at those pages before they click on it, I want the text to change in to a different color. Just like at". So I said i might not know how, but he begged me, so yeah. So does anyone know how to do that? preferably using only HTML and CSS? I'm no too great at JS. But if it's the only option, I'll take it. Thanks :)

Solution :

The CSS pseudo-class :hover is what you're looking for.

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