How to make div css background hover

Tags: css

Problem :

I would like to make div css background hover effect on my very top menu to white(#fff).

It's not a menu link. It's background(rectangular a little bit transparency table. A full width).

If you use F12, you can see ''.

My site is And I would like to make hover effect like this site.

Thank you and have a nice day:)

Solution :

Make the background color as transparent

#masthead .color-site-white {
  left: 0;
  right: 0;
#masthead .color-site-white:hover {

For IE 7, 8 - This will not support (RGBA) so you must use a png transprent image for background and div:hover also not support for IE so u must use javascript for that.

$("#masthead .color-site-white").hover(function(){

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