How will I change CSS based on classes and id using jQuery

Tags: jquery,css

Problem :

I have the following html. How would I change the css for inner div that is within the outer div with id 'outerDiv1' and a class called Class1 is applied to outer div? In the page, there are multiple such outerdiv/innerdiv combinations, but in each case the outer div has a different id.


<div class="Class1 Class2" id="outerDiv1" >
   <div class="raDiv" style="position: fixed; background-position: 420px 427px;></div>

<div class="Class1 Class2" id="outerDiv2" >
   <div class="raDiv" style="position: fixed; background-position: 420px 427px;></div>

I tried the following jQuery code, but it doesn't seem to work.

jQuery to change a specific inner div CSS

$("#outerDiv1 .Class1 .raDiv").css("backgroundPosition", "420px 600px");

Solution :

The ID of element is supposed to be unique so do not use the class selector with outerDiv1

Use descendant selector most suitable when child could be n level down in hierarchy.

$("#outerDiv1 .raDiv").css("backgroundPosition", "420px 600px");

Or As .raDiv is direct child of #outerDiv1 you can use parent-child selector

$("#outerDiv1 > .raDiv").css("backgroundPosition", "420px 600px");

Edit The problem with the selector keeping aside if this is good approach or not, is the space between id and class as space will make it descendant selector and look for .Class1 in descendants. Your could will work by removing space between id outerDiv1 and class Class1

$("#outerDiv1.Class1 .raDiv").css("backgroundPosition", "420px 600px");

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