How to create rating system using only css [duplicate]

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Problem :

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How to create rating system using only css. I don't want to use javascript/jquery or anything else. I don't want to use image/image sprites also. I need it only in hover(mouse over) not in click and in pure css. here is the sample image I want.

enter image description here

Solution :

html code...

<div class="rate">
            <div class="rate-item">☆</div>
            <div class="rate-item">☆</div>
            <div class="rate-item">☆</div>

css code...

        margin:0px 15px 0px 15px;
    .rate-item:hover ~ .rate-item {
        color: black;

You can follow this example

You can use fontawsome for better performance or just change the background image property besides the color property of my code.

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