CSS Syntax - How to interpret this?

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Problem :

I have very little experience with CSS. The following syntax is from bootstrap 3.

.table > thead > tr > td.danger,
.table > tbody > tr > td.danger,
.table > tfoot > tr > td.danger,
.table > thead > tr > th.danger,
.table > tbody > tr > th.danger,
.table > tfoot > tr > th.danger,
.table > thead > tr.danger > td,
.table > tbody > tr.danger > td,
.table > tfoot > tr.danger > td,
.table > thead > tr.danger > th,
.table > tbody > tr.danger > th,
.table > tfoot > tr.danger > th {
  background-color: #f2dede;
  border-color: #eed3d7;

I was hoping someone could translate this into English for me.

Solution :

To take the first line as an example

.table > thead > tr > td.danger

The .table is a class named table, the > means anything nested directly inside. thead is an html element, as is tr, while td.danger is a combination of a html element td with a class danger.

So this line means a td with the class danger, inside of a tr, inside of a thead, inside of an element with the class table.

The background-color and border-color at the end are the styles being applied to the specified elements with #f2dede and #eed3d7 as their values.

In summary, the overall syntax is as follows:

selector {
   style: value;

And as you can see in the example, you can have multiple selectors separated by commas and multiple styles and values separated by ; inside the curly braces.

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