How to Use jquery Animate() with .slideToggle() Between Two Classes

Tags: jquery,css3,animation,jquery-animate

Problem :

I am trying to add some smoothness( Animation) to changing a div width by using this method

  $("#thediv").toggleClass("w-2 w-1");


.w-1{height :200px witdh: 200px;}
.w-2{height :200px witdh: 300px;}

As you know I can toggle the classes but changing the size is happening very fast and causing like skipping all element at once. Now I need to use some efets like CSS3 or jQyery animation to toggling the classes smoothly. Can you pleae let me know how to do that?

I already tried this:

  $("#thediv").toggleClass(1000, "col-md-2 col-md-1");

to add some speed but it didn't woek

Solution :

Also, make sure you are using jquery UI and then use toggleClass with speed. Remember the first param is the class name and second param is speed so try this

$("#thediv").toggleClass("col-md-2 col-md-1", 1000); 

instead of this -

$("#thediv").toggleClass(1000, "col-md-2 col-md-1");

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