HTML/CSS - how to align boxes / divs [closed]

Tags: html,css

Problem :

I hope you can help me, it is somewhat an issue for me. I have 4 divs, and each one contains an image and a little text. I want to align them so they look like this enter image description here

Thanks in advance

Solution :

You need to be a little more specific, i.e. what your current html and css is and and example link.

A simple solution is to just float all 4 divs, giving them fixed width's and height's, clear the left float on the third div so that the final two divs drop down to the second line.

You don't even have to clear the third div if you just set a 50% width on the divs but that's dependent on if you are using fixed width's and height's, i.e responsive sites shunn fixed width's.

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