Jquery Show Hide with attribute

Tags: javascript,jquery,html,css

Problem :

How to get value from custom attribute to be used in if else condition? I want to switch button between show & hide . if show button clicked it will hiden and the hide button showed. And also the same for opposites. So i can do show hide for my divs.

Here's my codes

<div class="wrapper">
<a class="show_detail" target="1" style="display:block">+ Show</a>
<a class="hide_detail" target-hide="1" style="display:none">- Hide</a>
<div class="event_down" id="event_down1" style="display:none">
Content 1
<a class="show_detail" target="2" style="display:block">+ Show</a>
<a class="hide_detail" target-hide="2" style="display:none">- Hide</a>

<div class="event_down" id="event_down2" style="display:none">
    Content 2

<a class="show_detail" target="3" style="display:block">+ Show</a>
<a class="hide_detail" target-hide="3" style="display:none">- Hide</a>

<div class="event_down" id="event_down3" style="display:none">
    Content 3


.show_detail{cursor:pointer; color:red;}
.hide_detail{cursor:pointer; color:red;}

JS :

        var atribut_show = $('.show_detail').attr('target');
        var atribut_hide = $('.hide_detail').attr('target-hide');
        if (atribut_show == atribut_hide){

and here's MY FIDDLE need your help to solve it.

Solution :

You are getting object array list you have to get only the current object Check updated fiddle here


    var atribut_show = $(this).attr('target');

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