How to Protect an HTML element from it's respective assigned CSS

Tags: html,css

Problem :

Well I wish to know how one can avoid a specific html element from getting styled by the default assigned CSS to it. Let me explain with an example:

Suppose I have an image element with it's respective default CSS assigned to it (img{}) but if I want a particular image element like logo or social icons from getting the default CSS styling then what should I do?

I know of ID's being used to target specific elements in CSS but I wish to know if their is any other way of doing this using some special markup or CSS or use of the wrapped elements like div to overcome default values. Many Thanks in Advance! :)

Solution :

There is no way to prevent CSS rules with a selector that matches an element from applying to that element.

The best you can do is write more specific rules to override them with different values. You could, in browsers that support it, use the initial keyword.

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