How to edit CSS so button appears on same line as input field?

Tags: html,css,stylesheet

Problem :

This is an issue inside a shopping cart, so unfortunately it's a multi-step process to view it:

  2. Click one of the 3 "Add to cart" buttons
  3. Click "View Cart"
  4. Notice that the "Apply Gift card" button appears on a lower line. I'd like it to be to the right of the "Gift Cart" input field.

enter image description here

Thanks in advance guys! You rock.

Solution :


    <div id="entry">
            <input id="input" placeholder="Coupon Code"></input>
            <button id="submit" type="submit">Apply Coupon</button>


input {
    display: inline;
    width: 70%;
button {
    display: inline;
    width: 20%;

The width makes it so that they two will never "overflow" the width of the containing div.

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