how to add empty space between cells in tables?

Tags: html,css,html-table

Problem :

enter image description here

what i want to do with html and css .. that i want each button on the second row to be on the bottom of each arrow on the first row .. i mean i want to add space between them . how can i do this??

here is my html code for the second row :

<table style="width:1160px; margin-top:10px"   cellspacing="10" cellpadding="0" bordercolor="#666666" >
<td width="193px" class="button" ><img src="b2.png" /></td>

<td width="193px" class="button" ><img src="b2.png" /></td>
<td width="193px" class="button" ><img src="b2.png" /></td>
<td width="193px" class="button" ><img src="b2.png" /></td>
<td width="193px" class="button" ><img src="b1.png" /></td>
<td width="193px" class="button" ></td>

and here is the css for class button :

.button {
    float: left; /* add this */
.button a{
.button:before {
    content:" ";
    transition:all 0.5s;
.button:hover:before {

any help??

Solution :

Why dont you just use the same width for the buttons?


    //More Styles here ...

Or do some math if you want blank space


    //More Styles here ...

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