How to use a text file's contents in HTML as text [duplicate]

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Problem :

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I am making a website template and I though of a cool new trick to save time when changing large text files. I want to have a separate plain text document that when the page loads, it contents will be transferred to my paragraph.


The text document:

Introducing the new red glasses.

The paragraph's text will be loaded and be the same as the text documents like so:

<p> Introducing the new red glasses. </p>

So how can I do something like this? Is it even possible? I am willing to use HTML, CSS, jQuery and Javascript.

Solution :

You could use AJAX:

$.get( "mytext.txt", function( txt ) {
    $( "#myParagraph" ).text( txt );

You will need to host your HTML from a server, or otherwise it won't work

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