How do you disable horizontal scrolling on a webpage?

Tags: javascript,html,css

Problem :

How do you disable horizontal scrolling on a webpage?

I understand that this question has been asked many times before on stackoverflow (here, for example).

The most common answer says use CSS to set overflow-x: hidden; or max-width:100% for the html/body elements. However, these seem to hide the scrollbar but still allow the user to scroll with middle clicks, trackpad swiping, and touchscreen swiping. I'm looking for a solution that allows NO horizontal scrolling of any form.

The next most common answer says don't make your content wider than the screen. Maybe this is a good answer, but in general it's not very helpful and in my particular situation I don't know how to make my content fit.

Are there better methods for preventing horizontal scrolling?

To give you an idea of the problem that's motivating my question, take a look at So that you can see the problem better, I have highlighted the offending svg element in gray. When you click the green 'Bet The Bill' button, the svg rotates. If your window is small, the corners of the gray rectangle sometimes end up pointing off the screen and make horizontal scrolling possible.

I've tested this issue on the current versions of Chrome, Android Chrome, Firefox, and IE11. Only IE11 gives the behavior I want, with no horizontal scrolling.

Edit: Thanks to your helpful answers, I now have a solution. I'm going to implement it soon, but unfortunately that means my link above, originally meant to illustrate the problem, will no longer illustrate the problem. Sorry to all future visitors! (Perhaps in hindsight I should have made a fiddle. Although who knows how long that will even last...)

Edit2: Beware, the javascript solution below does not necessarily work on mobile browsers (in my version of Android Chrome there is significant jitter).

Edit3: Aha! My friend told me that overflow: hidden; will indeed work, but it needs to applied to the parent div and not the body or html or another ancestor. This looks like the best solution!

Solution :

Aha! My friend gave me an answer so I came back here to post it for all of you. overflow: hidden; will indeed work, if it is applied to the parent div and not the body or html or another ancestor. And unlike the javascript solution kindly provided by user3796431, it even works on mobile.

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