How to create and manage large CSS projects?

Tags: html,css,design,web

Problem :

I am new to web designing. I have a habit of viewing the source code of web pages and what I see is CSS files flooded with vast and complicated CSS code.

I have learnt CSS, including CSS 3, but I often wonder how could designers create such vast CSS files? How much time does it take? Do they do all the coding by typing themselves or generate the code with the help of some program?

Solution :

Most front end developers use tools such as SASS and LESS for writing their CSS. These tools help cut down on some of the verbosity and help structure the code. We don't just write one huge CSS file, what you see is a result of combining and minifying many files - what is usually referred to as the build process (tools like Gulp help here). But yes, there is still a lot of typing involved.

Google SASS, LESS, and Gulp to learn more.

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