How to ask browsers to refresh (flush) the cache of my website?

Tags: javascript,css,caching,browser,website

Problem :

I searched everywhere and I can only find solutions that I do not understand (I am not really skilled in web development).

If I understand correctly, the best method is the versionning of javascript and css calls. But I don't understand how I am supposed to implement this in my website or server.

Would someone have an idea or a link for a beginner like me? (the easiest method is the best for me I suppose)

Right now my users have problems with the website, but all problems vanish when the cache is cleared. It's a big problem.

Thanks anyway guys. Have a nice day.

Solution :

Simply add a new parameter to the end of the file every time you update it, eg

<script src="">


<script src="">

will both be treated as different files, despite actually being exactly the same..

If you need it never to cache, then change the parameter dynamically every page load using a script (adding a timestamp is the usual approach as that will never get accidental repeats).

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