How to arrange two html buttons horizontally in a single line with equal width by completely fills the screen size

Tags: html,css

Problem :

Here i want to use two buttons which cover the entire screen width and the buttons should have equal width. And alo there should not be any space between these buttons.

I tried with the following HTML and CSS codes but i didn't get what i expect;


    width:50% 100%;


<div id="container">
  <button id="button1">Button1</button>
  <button id="button2">Button2</button>

I tried the code here here the buttons not covering the entire screen size also a small gap is there between these two buttons. How to tackle this issue? Thank you..

Solution :


Q1: buttons not covering the entire screen size

The reason(s) are:

  1. The box-model. By default the widths are calculated exclusive of paddings. In order to be safe, you should first set the box-sizing: border-box and reset the paddings and margins.
  2. The container is 100% of what? Better, set the width on parent i.e. body.

You can mitigate this by:

* {
    margin: 0; padding: 0; box-sizing: border-box; /* reset */
html, body {
    width: 100%; /* specify width on parent */
.container {
    width: 100%
button {
    width: 50%; /* make the children equal */


Q2: also a small gap is there between these two buttons

The reason is:

The buttons are intrinsically inline elements and this means the white-space counts.

You can mitigate this in two ways:

  1. Comment out the white-space.
  2. Set the float on buttons.

Example 1 (using comments):

<div class="container">

Example 2 (using floats):

.container > button {
    float: left;

The demo ( covers and illustrates both issues.


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