How can I keep the hovered menu item open so I can edit it's style with firebug?

Tags: css,firefox,firebug

Problem :

I click on the firebug icon and then I hover over a menu item in order to check it's css on firebug css editor

enter image description here

Then I hover over the style editor in order to changed something their and because the menu closes the css loses it's focus

enter image description here

How can I keep the hovered menu open so I can edit it's style with firebug?

Solution :

There are two cases how such hover menus are displayed, which need to be handled differently

  1. Via CSS
    This means the menus are displayed using the :hover pseudo-class. In this case you can keep the menu displayed by selecting the element reacting to the hovering within the HTML panel and then choosing the :hover option within the Style side panel's options.

  2. Via JavaScript
    This means the menus are displayed via some JavaScript event like mouseover or click. To be able to inspect the menus and change their styles, you need to stop the script execution as soon as a menu is hovered. If a class is added or the display CSS property is changed on the inline style a the menu element when it's hovered, you can achieve this by right-clicking one of the menu elements within the HTML panel and choosing Break On Attribute Change from the context menu and then hovering the menu within the page. Then the script execution will be stopped and you'll be able to switch back to the HTML panel to inspect and edit the styles.
    Note: The Script panel must be enabled for this to work.

    Instead of using the Break On Attribute Change option, which only works for a single HTML element, the general Break On Mutate function ( Break On Mutate button ) may also work for this purpose.

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