Magento - how to locate the location of inline css

Tags: css,magento,inline

Problem :

I want to locate the location of the css inline item so that I can edit the background color of a horizontal menu.

This is what the css looks like:

ul#megamenupro_1 a { background: none repeat scroll 0% 
0% #5EA032 !important; )

The firefox inspector is telling me that it's an inline item.

I want to change the #5EA032 colored background to another color. The thing is, it's an inline css so I don't know where to find it in magento. I tried looking in page.xml, header.phtml, theme.css, and style.css but it doesn't seem to be in any of these.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to locate inline css items in magento, or where it could possibly be located? I would like to change the background color.

Thank you!

Solution :

Please go to

System >> Configurations >> Developer

then select the required store view from Current Configuration Scope from top left drop-down. Then under Debug tab, enable the Template Paht hints and save. Once done, refresh your frontend page, you will see paths to all files shown in red. Use firebug in Firefox browser to locate the inline css and get the file name and path.

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