How can I prevent this div in my table from increasing the cell height?

Tags: html,css,css3

Problem :

I have an example of the problem here:

I have the following markup:

<h1>Just Text</h1>
        <td class='cell'>Some Text</td>
        <td class='cell'>More Text</td>

<h1>With Icon Cell</h1>
        <td class='cell'>Some Text</td>
        <td class='cell-ico'><div class='ico'></div></td>
        <td class='cell'>More Text</td>

And the following CSS:

    margin: 0; padding: 0;
    border: none; outline: none;
    font-size: 100%; font: inherit;
    vertical-align: baseline;

table  { border-collapse: collapse; border-spacing: 0;}
    border:solid 1px #DDD; padding:0 5px; text-align:left;
.ico {width:24px; height:24px; background:#05F;}

I wish for each cell to be 27px in height. This is the case for the 1st table. But the second table which contains a cell with a 24px div has a height of 32px. I don't understand why. It seems like a 24x24 div should fit inside fine without increasing the cell height.

Can anyone explain why this is happening and how to fix it so that I can keep the cells at a height of 27px? I am currently testing with FireFox 29.

Thanks for any help.

Solution :

If you are looking to display tabular data, then this is the way to go :)

The behaviour is caused by vertical-align: baseline;.

Just reset the vertical-align for .cell-ico and provide a set height. Give .ico a height of 100%.

Have a fiddle

.cell-ico {
    height: 24px;
    vertical-align: top;
.ico {
    height: 100%;
    display: block;

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