Ionic on Codepen: how to start a new pen and get Ionic support

Tags: javascript,css,angularjs,cordova

Problem :

There are many Codepen examples for Ionic

But how can I start a new pen and get Ionic support

If I try to start one from scratch (as in put up some code snippets from docs), Ionic doesn't work:

I also tried with the "todo" tutorial code (including the head tag including .css link, which Codepen says isn't necessary)

Thanks for any help!

Solution :

If you look at some of the examples you can see they are linking css and js files

<link href="" rel="stylesheet">
<script src="">

That would be the bext option. If not, you can link those files by clicking on the little cog icons (under CSS/JS) and adding the link(s) where indicated.

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