How to put text on placeholder image

Tags: html,css

Problem :

I am using to produce a square (When on the site I need it for the colors). See:

I would also like to have some text on each box. When I use the provided text input it becomes small and unreadable. So I attempted to put my own text on this image.

I tried following: How to position text over an image in css

Its CSS:



But If I put the checkbox in the container it stops working properly (it turns back into a normal checkbox).

If you could show me how to put text on each square/or what I am missing it would be great.

Solution :

You would just need to position the text absolutely. try this;


  <label class="fb" for="11">
    <div>Some text here</div>
    <input id="11" type="checkbox" name="fb" value="11" />
    <img src="">


.fb {
.fb div {

the fiddle

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