How to select XML element by xlink:href attribute with CSS?

Tags: html,css,xml,css-selectors,xlink

Problem :

Does anyone know how to select a XML element by xlink:href attribute with CSS?

See here for the usage, however it doesn't explain how to select it with CSS.

<book title="XQuery Kick Start">
    xlink:show="new"> ... </description>

Solution :

Using CSS attribute selectors, you'd need to escape the colon : by a leading backslash\, as follows:

description[xlink\:href=""] {
  background-color: gold;
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

<bookstore xmlns:xlink="">
  <book title="Harry Potter">
      xlink:show="new"> ... </description>

  <book title="XQuery Kick Start">
      xlink:show="new"> ... </description>


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