How defile CSS rule path for iframe in cascade style sheet (CSS)?

Tags: css,css3,iframe

Problem :

I have a html page and i insert a iframe in this page. I have a problem with iframe contants. In iframe show a button which have link to go on website anywhere, i want to that button does not show how set in CSS {display: none} but how in iframe button no detect any css rule for displaying none.


Solution :

You must use seamless attribute:

This Boolean attribute indicates that the browser should render the inline frame in a way that makes it appear to be part of the containing document, for example by applying CSS styles that apply to the <iframe> to the contained document before styles specified in that document, and by opening links in the contained documents in the parent browsing context (unless another setting prevents this). In XHTML, attribute minimization is forbidden, and the seamless attribute must be defined as <iframe seamless="seamless">.

The problem is that browser support is currently negligible. Meanwhile, you can watch Seamless iframes. The future, today!, a slideshow which can give you some ideas of how to implement those functionalities.

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