CSS how to use pseudo-class :not with :nth-child

Tags: css,css3,css-selectors

Problem :

Is is possible to use :not() with nth-child ?

I tried sth like this without any luck :


However this seems to work :


What I am trying is to center align all table columns except 2nd and 4th column. The columns are dynamically generated to add a custom class to these column .

Solution :

:not(:nth-child(4n)) will get you anything that isn't :nth-child(4n), i.e. anything that isn't the 4th, 8th and so on. It won't exclude the 2nd child because 2 isn't a multiple of 4.

To exclude the 2nd and 4th you need either one of:

  • td:not(:nth-child(2n)) if you have fewer than 6 columns, or

  • td:not(:nth-child(2)):not(:nth-child(4)) if you have at least 6 columns and only want to exclude the 2nd and 4th, and not every even column.


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