Unordered List Navigation Bar: How to I make some buttons go to the right of the navigation page?

Tags: html,css,navigationbar

Problem :

I am making a simple navigation bar at the top with CSS and HTML (some code I have)


and so on with a little CSS display:inline magic. That all works fine, except I want to move some of the links, like "Settings," to the other side of the navigation bar and replace it with a little icon. However, I cannot find how to do this. I've tried float:right and applying it to some of the list items using class and then referencing them through CSS. I've also tried text-align:right, but nothing seems to work. What am I doing wrong and how can I get some of the list items to be on the right side of the navigation bar?

Solution :

Try this ->

Working Demo

I have put the settings and the register on a div and added float:right to push it to the right.

If you want a image replace the text with <img/> tag

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