How to apply Javascript conditionally on a specific css-class only?

Tags: javascript,css,wordpress

Problem :

I am using a responsive JavaScript menu with a toggle button in a Wordpress Genesis site.

The page has a primary CSS menu (.nav-primary) and a secondary CSS menu (.nav-secondary). The main navigation styling classes are .genesis-nav-menu and .sub-menu.

The problem is that the responsive menu is applied to every navigation element on the site, i.e. you have at least 2 toogle bars. I would like to use it only for the primary menu (.nav-primary).

I already tried to substitute 'nav' with .nav-primary, which seems to work, however it makes the ´secondary-menu´ and all other navigation elements disappear.

I would appreciate your advice how to get this done.

The Javascript:

( function( window, $, undefined ) {
    'use strict';

    $( 'nav' ).before( '<button class="menu-toggle" role="button" aria-pressed="false"></button>' ); // Add toggles to menus
    $( 'nav .sub-menu' ).before( '<button class="sub-menu-toggle" role="button" aria-pressed="false"></button>' ); // Add toggles to sub menus

    // Show/hide the navigation
    $( '.menu-toggle, .sub-menu-toggle' ).on( 'click', function() {
        var $this = $( this );
        $this.attr( 'aria-pressed', function( index, value ) {
            return 'false' === value ? 'true' : 'false';

        $this.toggleClass( 'activated' );
        $ 'nav, .sub-menu' ).slideToggle( 'fast' );


})( this, jQuery );

Solution :

You need to use $(".nav-primary") selector for the class nav-primary, not $("nav-primary").

Here you have information about jQuery selectors.

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