How to Make Text Hovering Area not a Full Line?

Tags: html,css,html5,css3,hover

Problem :

Here's my code:

<a href="index.html"><p class="link">Link</p></a>

Then in CSS: {color:black} {color:aqua}

How do I make it so that the link doesn't get selected when I'm not directly over it? Because it still changes color when I move my mouse to the left or right side. In other words, how do I make the hover area of the text stop when the text stops? And not a full line?

I thought that the paragraph tag would prevent that, but it did not work.

Solution :

Simply logically speaking, you would put your <p> tag around your <a> tag as a <p> defines a whole block of text whereas an <a> usually defines a selection of text.

You would wind up with this

<p class="link"><a href="index.html">Link</a></p>


a {color:black}
a:hover {color:aqua}

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