How to change the look of a timer in javascript, css?

Tags: javascript,jquery,html,css,timer

Problem :

Following is the fiddle: jsfiddle

The intitial HTML: code is as below, refer fiddle for javascript code:

<div id="test_time_left">Time Left :<b><span id="time_value" style="padding-left:5px;"></span> </b> </div>

Now I want to change the font color to red and blink the whole timer only when the timer reaches to value 00:05:00. Till then nothing from the timer should get blink or should have red font color. Now the second colon(after min:) is getting blinked from start and only the min value is getting the font color red. Can anyone help me in removing the bugs I've made in the fiddle and correct the functionality? Thanks in advance. Waiting for your answers.

Solution :

Change line 40 to this:

if(mins <= 5) {document.getElementById("time_value").style.color="#ff0000";};

This will change the color of the <span id="time_value">. More about colors in js:

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