How to export only the used css from a site?

Tags: css,export

Problem :

No dust-me-spider. No firebug.

I have made a project and I want to export only the CSS which has been used in the project or page. I have tried, dust-me-spider and firebug, but these add-ons grab all the CSS of the project! I need to grab only the CSS which has been used and export it to another CSS file. Does any program exist for such a reason?

Solution :

Its tricky because you can't know all of the javascript renderings on a page that would affect the css. I wrote my own plugin that i could run which would extract the visible css on the page and resort the css in order of cascading hierarchy. This is useful in that i can run it after any javascript action but it still requires investigation into the existing javascript. You are welcome to use it.

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