How do people make sections in HTML pages? [closed]

Tags: javascript,html,css,html5,responsive-design

Problem :

For example, the Android KitKat site, Transit.js and Apple's iPad site has these sections, headers and dividers that I'm looking for.

Screenshot of Android KitKat site Screenshot of Transit.js

How are these beautiful sections made? I see the all the time on various web pages. Some of them even have image backgrounds and some sort of parallax effect going on in the background. Others have the sections fitted exactly to the height of your screen and limit your scrolling.

Are they all designed individually, or do they use some sort of theme or css stylesheet to get started?

The CSS stylesheets suggest they're not using any plugins or templates, but many of these sites are built by huge companies. Is there something like Bootstrap or another CSS framework that can be used to get a similar effect?

EDIT: The answers by Frankenscarf & Dominik are helpful, but I'm really looking for a framework of sorts to help with this, so I haven't accepted an answer yet

NEWER EDIT: the One Page Scroll plugin was exactly what I was looking for

Solution :

Many of them really used their own plugins because they have their own front-end developer, but for amateurs and other professionals that don't have that much experience with javascript there are some plugins out there called Parallax.js, jQuery Scrollsnap plugin.

Also, if you are a developer just right-click and Inspect the elements and have a look at how they achieved this. It's no crime to copy for learning. After doing so try to create something like this in your own way.

A good read, too, is another question on StackOverflow: read here. If you have any questions left. Ask in the comments.

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