How to make divs re-arrange when another div is positioned between existing?

Tags: javascript,jquery,css,html

Problem :

Here is code and fiddle.


 #siirto {display: none}

 #container {
 margin-left: auto ;
 margin-right: auto;


 .luokka {
 margin:2px 2px 2px 2px;

 .luokka1 {
 margin:2px 2px 2px 2px;


 <div id="container">
 <div id="siirto" class="luokka1"></div>
 <div id="1" class="luokka" onclick="siirra('1', '20', '20')"></div>
 <div id="2" class="luokka" onclick="siirra('2', '20', '20')"></div>
 <div id="3" class="luokka" onclick="siirra('3', '20', '20')"></div>
 <div id="4" class="luokka" onclick="siirra('4', '20', '20')"></div>
 <div id="5" class="luokka" onclick="siirra('5', '20', '20')"></div>
 <div id="6" class="luokka" onclick="siirra('6', '20', '20')"></div>
 <div id="7" class="luokka" onclick="siirra('7', '20', '20')"></div>
 <div id="8" class="luokka" onclick="siirra('8', '20', '20')"></div>
 <div id="9" class="luokka" onclick="siirra('9', '20', '20')"></div>
 <div id="10" class="luokka" onclick="siirra('10', '20', '20')"></div>
 <div id="11" class="luokka" onclick="siirra('11', '20', '20')"></div>
 <div id="12" class="luokka" onclick="siirra('12', '20', '20')"></div>

SCRIPT function siirra(idnumero, kokox, kokoy) {

    x=$("#" + idnumero).position();
    var toppi = parseFloat(;

 if ($("#siirto").height() <= 1) {

 $("#siirto").css("top", toppi);


    else if ($("#siirto").height() >= 1) {  


When green cubes are clicked it show and reposition "siirto" div. Idea is that it positions below clicked div and pushes green cubes below clicked one to below blue "siirto" div. I cannot get it working, there is something big that i am missing.

If i change

 .luokka1 {

it works as planned, but does not push divs below siirto downwards (of course), otherwise it looks as should.

How do i proceed from here?

Solution :

I'm not sure if this is exactly what you want. But you can use insertBefore to push the elements down. Because the elements are not grouped however, this pushes every individual element down.

        if ($("#siirto").height() <= 1) {

If you want to push down the elements as a row you have to group them in a div and insertBefore the parent:

Updated HTML

<div class="containThree">
    <div id="1" class="luokka"></div>
    <div id="2" class="luokka"></div>
    <div id="3" class="luokka"></div>

Added jquery:


UPDATE: If you want the rows to stay intact during the animation you're easiest sollution is to remove the width animation:


UPDATE FOR ROWWIDTH: You can use the following code to check for row width:

var rowWidth = $(this).parent().width();

Updated fiddle

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