multiple CSS classes, how they work and WHY do it this way? [duplicate]

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Problem :

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I'm a programmer not a CSS dude and like most programmers haven't spent too much time trying to understand the effects of CSS. There has always been an UX person to handle. But as I get more experienced I am digging CSS and the UX. So my question is this:

What I understand:

<div class="AClassName" >

I understand how this relates to the .css file and what will happen.

What I don't understand:

<div class="AClassName andAnother1 andAnother2">

I'm hoping there is a simple explanation.

Solution :

Just an example:

<div class="positionClass contentClass decorClass">
    Lorem textum

.positionClass: here any position properties could be applyed, 4example absolute/fixed position, display properties, margin/negative margin.

.contentClass : here we can add styles to text: line-height, font-size and so on.

And the last one for some decoration elements.

Hope you get the idea.

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