How to include template with css to all pages on website

Tags: php,html,css,templates

Problem :

I have created a template.html that contains the header, navigation and footer, and i want to include that to all my other pages: html/php files on the website without having to copy all the code to all other files. Is there an easy way to do this? or is there a more proper way to handle this? I've already tried to require the page with php, but it didn't take any of the styling.

UPDATE: I ended up switching to using include function. I needed to use php in my html and if you echo out php script the code is just gonna be commented. I found that the best was using include for head, header(and nav) and footer. However to avoid making multiple opening and closing html tags, I formatted it this way:

head: <html><head>
-content for head
header: </head><body><header></header>
-content between header and footer
footer: <footer></footer></body></html>

Solution :

I'd organize my different scripts so that they are all called from an index.php (if not already done). Then, just before the logic which constructs the pages I'd include the header and nav, and the footer after.

here's a template:

<!DOCTYPE html>
<head><!-- here your header --></head>
<!-- here your navigation? -->

I put those '~' to be able to explode it:

$template = explode('~',file_get_contents('template.html'))
// that way we have our code in an array we can easily use for header, navig and footer
$html = $template[0]; // header
$html.= $template[1]; // nav

switch($action) {
case 'foo':
  $html.= file_get_contents('foo.html');// just add directly html content
  break;                                // careful that it does not have <body> tags
case 'bar':
  $html.= showBar(); // if you have a function in your script, you can add it to your page that way

$html.= $template[2]; // footer

if your other scripts echo out content directly, change $html.= with echo

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