How can I float two tables next to each other left to right and center them both?

Tags: html,css

Problem :

I have two tables, which I would like to position next to each other BUT want them to be on the center of the page.

I almost did it, I only have a problem how to align them on the center of the page. My example:



<table class="table_on_the_left">
        hello demo here 

<table class="table_on_the_right">
        hello demo here 2 


table.table_on_the_left {

  table.table_on_the_right {

Solution :

You may want to use inline-block instead of float:

table.table_on_the_left, table.table_on_the_right {

And to make the horizontal align text-align:center on the parent:

body {

Check this Demo

Here you can know more about inline-block

Aside a recommendation plus if you are trying to set the layout for your page avoid to use <table> save it only for tabular data and instead use <div> and positioning.

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