How to manage opacity of element INSIDE table row on HOVER this row?

Tags: html,css,table,hover

Problem :

I want to make on my simple site next feature. I have table where data is placed.

<tr><td>some data<label>edit</label> <label>delete</label></td><td>some data</td></tr>

I want next: Text in label is invisible normaly, but when I hover TABLE ROW (not label exactly) all labels in this row become visible.

I know how to do this on HOVER LABEL (all what I need it to add style for table > tbody > tr> td > label : hover and style for same, but without hover), but what I have to do to make this feature?

Thank you.

update (solved): css:

.table tbody > tr > td label{
    opacity: 0;

.table tbody > tr > td:hover  label{
    opacity: 1;

Solution :

use this:


.table tbody > tr > td:hover > label{
    opacity: 1;

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