How to change css elements in HAML dependent on what page is calling for the content?

Tags: html,css,ruby-on-rails,haml

Problem :

I am an infant when it comes to Ruby and Rails, and still need to learn everything, but I do have one small item I need help with today.

I am working on a header of a website that uses HAML, and I need to change the class name of a <div> based on the page that is using it.

Here is the issue:

If it is welcome.html.haml, I need a div in header.html.haml to be:

.navbar.navbar-inverse.navbar-fixed-top{:role => "navigation"}

For all other pages, I need that same div in header.html.haml to be:

.navbar.navbar-inverse.navbar-static-top{:role => "navigation"}

I was hoping to use something like:

    - if <PAGE IS> == 'welcome.html.haml'

    .navbar.navbar-inverse.navbar-fixed-top{:role => "navigation"}

    - else

    .navbar.navbar-inverse.navbar-static-top{:role => "navigation"}

I'm just not sure what condition I can give it. I need help with the <PAGE IS> part.

Or, if there is a simpler solution I am all ears.


Here is what I tried, but getting errors all over the place:

- if controller.action_name == 'welcome'
.navbar.navbar-inverse.navbar-fixed-top{:role => "navigation"}
- else
.navbar.navbar-inverse.navbar-static-top{:role => "navigation"}


Solution :

You can get the current controller and action using params:

if params[:controller] == 'home' && params[:action] == 'welcome'


Another solution is to pass a param to your header. In your welcome.html.haml

= render 'header', navbar: :static

And in '_header.html.haml':

<div class="navbar navbar-inverse navbar-<%= local_assigns[:navbar] || 'fixed' %>-top" role="navigation">


Of course unless you render header in layout, then it makes absolutely no sense.

Another way of doing this might be content_for method.

content_for(:navbar_class) { 'fixed' }

<div class="navbar navbar-inverse navbar-<%= content_for?(:navbar_class) ? yield :navbar_class : 'static' %>-top" role="navigation">

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