How to override Liferay core' css?

Tags: css,liferay,liferay-ide

Problem :

Hi there i'm want to override a data picker css from a hook creation. In Liferay Documentation 6.2 they say that it's possible with hook.

But in Liferay IDE, when I create a new hook, in the interface for xml liferay-hook there isn't an option for CSS.

There are:

  • Portal properties
  • Custom JSP
  • Service Wrappers
  • Filter and Mappings
  • Struts Action
  • Indexer Post Processors
  • Language properties

So, how to make it? Thanks ahead!

Solution :

you need to create a plugin: THEME. You can see how in this page: In this plugin you have a folder _diffs. Everything you put here is going to overwrite liferay´s theme.

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