how do i set the text that my json file is printing to screen i want to hide the text

Tags: jquery,css,json

Problem :

i have a json data file that stores values and prints it out to the screen but the problem is that the values is attached to a css property width. i dont want the output to be the actual data in the form of a number, i just want to connect the json file and have the value set the width of where the bar must be.

my jquery is:

        $(document).ready( function(){
        var MAX_WIDTH = 100; // Define max bar width in Pixels here
        $.getJSON( "js/json/sidekicks.json", function(obj){
            $.each(obj.Sidekicks, function(key, value){
                var color = 'rgb(' + ((value.Score / 100) * 255) + ', #de0001, 10';
                var width = (value.Score / 33) * MAX_WIDTH;
                $('div#' + value.Id).find('span.red_line_fill').text(value.Score).css("background-color", color).width(width);




here is a picture to show what i mean. i want to remove the value 20 that prints out to the screen enter image description here

how would i get who ever is in the lead to display the image "1st"

enter image description here

Solution :

use text('')(or remove .text() to not set any value. But this will not hide already shown text) to set empty value.Try this:

  $('div#' + value.Id).find('span.red_line_fill').text('').css("background-color", color).width(width);

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