How can Shake FilePatterns be used to minify JS and CSS files?

Tags: javascript,css,haskell,minify,shake-build-system

Problem :

Common practice with .js and .css file minification is to create .min.js and .min.css files. The problem is Shake FilePatterns will match both minified and non-minified files with this scheme with a pattern like //*.js. The docs seem to recommend making unique extensions for each like reg.js and min.js but I'm not sure this is a path I want to take. How can this be worked around in Shake?

Edit: The problem is with using getDirectoryFiles:

js <- getDirectoryFiles "" ["//*.js"]
let jsMins = map (-<.> "min" <.> "js") js
need jsMins

There's a target for "//*.min.js that works just fine but getDirectoryFiles "" ["//*.js"] starts picking up the generated .min.js files.

Solution :

I can think of two alternative approaches:

Post process getDirectoryContents

Call getDirectoryContents then filter out the values you don't care about. Something like:

xs <- getDirectoryFiles "" ["//*.js"]
need [x -<.> "min.js" | x <- xs, takeExtensions x == ".js"]

If you are running this code outside of a rule, e.g. in an action, then it is 100% correct. If you are running the code in a rule then the rule will run once, new files will appear, and then the rule will run again (which is also a lint violation, and not great build hygine). I suspect you are running outside of a rule, so this approach is probably a good one.

Write an Oracle

If you are inside a rule, you can define an Oracle which is like getDirectoryFiles, but skips the min files.

newtype JsFiles = JsFiles () deriving (Show,Typeable,Eq,Hashable,Binary,NFData)
addOracle $ \(JsFiles _) -> fmap (\x -> takeExtensions x == ".js") $ getDirectoryFiles "" ["//*.js"]

Now you can use askOracle $ JsFiles () in your rule, and it will only change when new non-min files are added.

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